Cheese – my deserted island food.

Have you ever been asked, “if you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only eat one food, what would it be”?

Throwing nutritional and survival concerns aside, my ‘deserted island food’ would have to be cheese. I love it so much. I love hard, sharp cheddar, creamy camembert, and pungent blue vein. Delicious on its own, cheese is also a key ingredient in many popular dishes both savoury and sweet. Who can pass up a hearty lasagna on a cold evening, or a scrumptious baked cheesecake?

img550Here are two of my favourite cheeses. The first is from Raw Materials, an Australian company that provides a gourmet food delivery service. This cheddar has a nice bite and the cracked pepper gives it extra zing! I find it is best enjoyed on some plain crackers.

The second is from King Island Dairy King Island, located in the Bass Strait product_specific_softwhite_capewickham1between Victoria and Tasmania is a hub for gourmet produce, although its dairy products are probably the most well known. I really like their soft cheeses, but their double brie would have to be my favourite.



Do you have a favourite cheese? What would your one ‘deserted island food’ be?


3 thoughts on “Cheese – my deserted island food.

  1. As cheese enthusiasts, we have traveled the globe in search of the world’s most exotic cheeses. Last month we were privileged to visit a native encampment in Northwest Territories Canada. The clan leader, William Nequizit Allowed me to sample the traditional wolf cheese used in their ancient traditional ceremony, the spearing of the seal. It was delightful. Well worth the journey for that one bite!


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