Best Chocolate Coated Coffee Beans

Just received my order of this delicious delicacy from the Byron Bay Coffee Company.



Cheese – my deserted island food.

Have you ever been asked, “if you were stranded on a deserted island and you could only eat one food, what would it be”?

Throwing nutritional and survival concerns aside, my ‘deserted island food’ would have to be cheese. I love it so much. I love hard, sharp cheddar, creamy camembert, and pungent blue vein. Delicious on its own, cheese is also a key ingredient in many popular dishes both savoury and sweet. Who can pass up a hearty lasagna on a cold evening, or a scrumptious baked cheesecake?

img550Here are two of my favourite cheeses. The first is from Raw Materials, an Australian company that provides a gourmet food delivery service. This cheddar has a nice bite and the cracked pepper gives it extra zing! I find it is best enjoyed on some plain crackers.

The second is from King Island Dairy King Island, located in the Bass Strait product_specific_softwhite_capewickham1between Victoria and Tasmania is a hub for gourmet produce, although its dairy products are probably the most well known. I really like their soft cheeses, but their double brie would have to be my favourite.



Do you have a favourite cheese? What would your one ‘deserted island food’ be?