An ode to darioles

An ode to darioles
that are sold
in stores
by women
with Clarins filled pores
lined with suet and flour
filled with meat
steam 1 hour
bake til gold
serve whole.


I love my dariole moulds… can you tell? I first bought them to make a Lamb Shank Pudding recipe from August 2012 issue of ABC delicious magazine. Now I use them not only for savoury puddings but for individual sweet steamed puddings and as a mould for presenting fancy mounds of rice and couscous.


Welcome to Curator

Hello there and welcome to my blog.

On these pages I will be posting images, videos, music and articles that I have constructed myself, or found elsewhere on the web. There is no overall theme to this collection, other than that what you see here has given me joy, caused me to pause and think, or captured my interest or imagination in some way.

You will probably see some common themes on this blog. I love food and cooking and am always keen to try something new and I admit to sharing far too many images of my meals. I am an armchair sports ‘expert’ and prone to the occasional rant if I think my team is underperforming. I also enjoy travelling and experiencing the great outdoors so be prepared for gratuitous ‘I’ve been there!’ shots. Oh, and I love to read. Book-buying is a disease – and I have it!

I welcome your comments and I hope you enjoy your stay.